Breaking Up With Others

Breaking Up With Others
We met weekly for 6 years, and then one day, it was done. We were breaking up. I have a committed group of friends, that met once a week for dinner get togethers, religously for years. We started the group when we first had kids — we all needed a night away from being parents, ...

Can You Handle The Truth? 1

Can You Handle The Truth?
Telling the truth has one set of challenges, but hearing the truth is another matter entirely. My 7 year old is a constant vehicle of my personal growth and showed me about truth recently. My son likes to build things, mostly Lego cars or vehicles of any kind, and snap-on model car kits. My friend said recently ...

Brave Enough To Walk Away

Hey everyone, check out my guest post over at The Change Blog on being brave enough to walk away from bad relationships, and some of the things that get in the way of action!

“Personal Growth Marriage”: Do You Have One?

There’s a name for the marriage my husband and I are in. I didn’t know we had a label, until I read an article in the newspaper. Apparently, we are in the golden marital age, and my husband and I are in a “personal growth marriage”. There are lots of reasons people used to get married ...