I am similar to you.

I live in Toronto, Canada, have a home, a loving husband, and a precious 6 yr old son. A few years ago, I began transforming different aspects of my life in pursuit of a greater sense of freedom and happiness. Some things I transformed:

  • I changed careers to became a productivity expert and coach
  • The skills I learned allowed me to double my salary and move up 5 levels of management in the corporate world within 5 years
  • I relentlessly applied productivity techniques from work to my home life until I could honestly claim I had found work-life balance. I meet with friends once a week, go to the spa regularly, and enjoy several hobbies and volunteer work, while still getting 8 hours of sleep. (OK, I know you hate me after that last one, but I promise to share my tricks)
  • I had a child and realized I was willing to trash my hard won career for him, even though at one time I did not even want children.

Recently, I began to wonder if I have really reached my full potential. Am I really the hero of my own life, the fully self-expressed extraordinary leader, mother, wife I would like to be?  I’ve met those that are, and they have made lasting impressions on me with their willingness to stand apart, and the life changing example that they set for those around them. What would it take to dare to be that courageous person?

I decided to find out. To get outlandish!  I got myself a life coach and signed on for a one year program with someone who has left memorable impressions on me through his own self expression. My decision to work with a life coach came from my view that the higher your performance gets, the more you can benefit from the wisdom of those who have been there, done that. They can help give you another perspective, which I’m open to. Having a coach is the choice of Olympic athletes, and corporate executives, and it was my choice now too.

I’ve chosen to keep my personal website anonymous so I can write more authentically, and separate my corporate life. I hope you’ll find my journey more important than my identity. But, if you want to reach out and contact me, you can use my pen name, Aruna.

The images on this site are entirely my own. I have kept it this way to add another creative element to this blog, and add another dimension of self expression. My trusty Nikon and I have been around the world, and I hope you enjoy what you see. Feel free to share, or pin these images as you like!

Here are my experiments, successes and failures, and “aha” moments. Extract your message from my stories, share your own, and try it on if the mood strikes!